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Tarifs, options et conditions


Special offers / Early Booking and Estimate


  • SPECIAL OFFERS apply only to bookings online, with deposit charge payment ; they don't apply to bookings by phone or to any arrival onsite with no reservation.
  • To get a COST ESTIMATE, make a booking online without validating payment ; then you can validate so that it becomes a booking demand.

Booking support (further details on optional extra)

  1. Suppl. favourite area : required extra when you want to be sure to get a place inside one of the areas (e.g. ''zone 2'' or ''zone 2 or 5'') ; has to be added when you want to be sure to get a place at one of both areas by the river (''zone 3'' is almost all along the beach, ''zone 4'' is almost all along the river)
  2. Suppl. place next to another : the extra cost is shared out between the 2 clients asking for guaranteed side-by-side pitches / accomm. ; that extra is required on both booking demands (''adjacent'' can be on one side or opposite as available) ; please don't forget to precise the name of the other family and the place of residence on each demand
  3. Guaranteed pitch choice : required extra when you have already visited the campsite and want to be sure to get a specific number of pitch / accomm. (needless ''suppl. favourite area'' in this case)
  4. Table-top fridge : to set inside your tent in order to protect it from dust and rain ; must be given back clean and defrosted
  5. Final cleaning : cleaning is done by our Team after your departure ; nevertheless the fridge must be defrosted, bins must be emptied and taken out, dishes and cooking equipment must be clean
  6. Cleaning set : household products standard size (not a Welcome kit) you can bring with you at departure : washing liquid + sponge, multi-purpose cleaner + sponge, garbage bags,kitchen paper...

Reservation, General conditions of sale and Campsite rules

  • Maybe you don't want to reservate online. However, you should be aware that bookings online always override posted forms ; that, to be valid, the form has to be duly completed, legible, with no mistake in calculation*.  A confirmation will be emailed if the booking form is valid and the deposit can be charged by credit card.
  • Booking fees : pitch € 17 ; accommodations € 19 - Tourist tax : € 0.60 / pers. over 18 / night & Environmental tax : € 0.40 / pers / night

* Get the total cost of your stay with no mistake of calculation (packages and otional extras) by getting an estimate online ; then you can print out the summary statement and post it with the form.

Cancellation or interruption insurance

The Campsite offers you to take out an optional but strongly recommended holiday cancellation / interruption insurance

along with the Gritchen Affinity package.

Our partner insurer Gritchen Affinity undertakes to pay back all or part of the cost to people who take out the insurance contract CampezCouvert. The subscription price will be calculated automatically at booking online.

In case of cancellation (check cover terms), firstly inform the Campsite as soon as you know you can not come (by email) ; then inform the Insurer within the next 48h and send the required documents.



- The holidays are getting ready now - remember to book so you can choose your favourite spot !!!

- L'équipe 2023 prête à vous accueillir.

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