Sumptuous surroundings !

Tourism in the Gorges Tarn and visits in Millau surroundings

Discover all tourist and sports activities available around the campsite Les Bords du Tarn !

Go off on tourist visits for your viewing pleasure !

Picturesque villages in the Gorges du Tarn and on the nearby Causses

  • Mostuéjouls and Liaucous, hillside villages above the campsite
  • Along the Tarn gorges to Ste-Enimie : Les Eglazines (troglodyte houses in the cirque St-Marcellin), La Sablière, Les Vignes, La Malène, Hauterives, St-Chély du Tarn and its small troglodytic chapel, Ste-Enimie (at 35 km)
  • Along the Jonte gorges, from Le Rozier to Meyrueis : Peyreleau and its tower with its panoramic view over both gorges, Le Truel, Meyrueis (at 25 km)
  • Veyreau ; St Rome de Dolan ; La Ferme Caussenarde d’Autrefois à Hyelzas ; as well as other villages you will discover by chance off the beaten track

Tourist places to visit in Aveyron and in Lozère

  • Peyrelade castle ; Peyre (classified as one among “the most beautiful villages in France”) ; Castelnau-Pégayrols ;the Knights Templars villages : Ste Eulalie de Cernon, La Couvertoirade, La Cavalerie ; La Roque Ste-Marguerite ; Cantobre…
  • The Dargilan and Aven Armand caves ; Lake Pareloup
  • Farther afield, one-day tourist attractions : Mont Aigoual located within the Cevennes National Park and its panoramic view (Mediterranean Sea, Pyrenees…) and its meteorological observatory ; the Aubrac plateau ; the pedestrianised city centre of Rodez ; the small canyon Trou de Bozouls ; Ste Eulalie d’Olt ; Lake Salagou and the red land ; the cirque Navacelles ; how about you push on to Albi or to the sea near Cap d’Agde for instance ?

Panoramic views and picturesque landscapes

  • The Point Sublime above Les Vignes ; view above St-Chély du Tarn ; Le Samonta near Le Massegros ; the desert causses Larzac, Méjean and Sauveterre ; the rocky Chaos de Montpellier-le-Vieux ; the Roc des Hourtous ; the views over the Millau bridge / viaduct ; Fontaneilles…

Animal attractions

  • La Maison des Vautours (vultures) ; Micropolis La Cité des Insectes (insects) ; Pastoralia (sheeps) ; Le Reptilarium du Larzac (reptiles) ; Rendals Bisons ; Przewalski’s (wild) horses ; wildlife parks as Le Jardin des Bêtes and Parc St Hubert ; Les Loups du Gévaudan (wolves)
Mostuéjouls and the Tarn gorges - View from Liaucous - Camping Les Bords du Tarn
Liaucous church in the Gorges du Tarn - Camping Les Bords du Tarn
Via ferrata spot of Liaucous in the Gorges du Tarn - Camping Les Bords du Tarn
Rocher de Capluc - Le Rozier - Camping Les Bords du Tarn - Gorges du Tarn
Via ferrata Site de Liaucous dans les gorges du Tarn - Camping Les Bords du Tarn
Randonnées pédestres GR 6 Le Rozier - Gorges du Tarn - Camping Les Bords du Tarn
Hauterive Les Détroits - Gorges du Tarn - Camping Les Bords du Tarn
Vautour dans les gorges du Tarn - Camping Les Bords du Tarn

Choose your sports and recreational activities to enjoy active, fun-filled family holidays !

Water sports and land based activities

  • Canoeing and kayaking tour on the River Tarn (fun-filled and sporty tour between the Pas de Soucy and the campsite, 13 km) ; bathing in river ; fishing (licence required) ; Stand Up Paddle Boarding…
  • Via ferrata (spot of Liaucous) ; canopy walk ; rock climbing ; hiking ; rail-biking ; biking (trained sportsmen) ; horse riding ; tennis playing ; paintballing ; nawak (warlike activities such as crawling in the mud) ; quad biking ; mini golf ; bowling ; recreational attractions : inflatable playgrounds, combat laser games…

Air sports and caving

  • Bungee jumping ; going hang-gliding ; paragliding ; caving…
Bronzage et baignade au Camping Les Bords du Tarn - Gorges du Tarn
Randonnée pédestre dans les Gorges du Tarn
Canoë - Camping Les Bords du Tarn - Gorges du Tarn
Pêche devant le Camping Les Bord sdu Tarn - Gorges du Tarn

Enjoy local specialities ! Taste gastronomic delights !

Food in Aveyron and in Lozère

  • Segala veal ; Aubrac beef ; lamb and mutton ; trénels and tripoux ; saucisse sèche (dried pork sausage) and other delicatessen
  • Roquefort and Bleu des Causses cheese ; Laguiole cheese ; Pérail cheese as well as many local farm cheeses
  • Flaune (cheese sweet pie) ; fouace (brioche) ; gâteau à la broche (cone cake) ; échaudés (biscuits) ; fruits from the Tarn valley (cherries, plums…)
  • Aligot (cheese blended into mashed potatoes) ; estoffinado (cod fish and potatoes) ; farçous (omelette with herbs)…
  • Wines : AOP label Côtes de Millau*…

Specialities on sale in shops and markets in Millau and local night markets (Liaucous, Le Rozier…)

* ’’L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, consommez avec modération’’

Fouace Gastronomie aveyronnaise - Camping Les Bords du Tarn - Gorges du Tarn
Bleu des Causses - Gastronomie Aveyron - Camping Les Bords du Tarn - Gorges du Tarn
Gâteau à la broche Gastronomie Aveyron- Camping Les Bords du Tarn - Gorges du Tarn
Aligot Gastronomie Aveyron Lozère - Camping Les Bords du Tarn - Gorges du Tarn



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